To deliver designs that provoke emotion, capture a romantically elegant feel, and leave a lasting impression on you and your loved ones. Events are a celebration of the priceless moments we spend together with friends and family. It represents unity and love, regardless of the type of event. All joyful moments should be celebrated.

Our invitations set the tone and expectations for your wedding or special event. They are the very first glimpse that your guest will receive of your special day. Because we understand that importance, we love to learn about  you, your love story, and wedding day inspirations . It allows us to provide you with beautiful invitation heirlooms that mark the beginning of your journey to share with loved ones in the many years to come!  

We consistently give our clients 100% of our efforts and attention to detail. It's all about the client experience. Our invitations are handmade and tailored to fit your vision therefore communication, and client satisfaction are of essence and represent our core values.


We design into a wide range of concepts that cater to different wedding themes and styles all while preserving an elevated romantic aesthetic. In our pre-designed collections, you will find that many of our designs carry a  feminine and cosmetic colour usage.


Choose from our existing designs and change fonts and colors to coordinate with your event.

We can modify invitations for other types of special occasions.

We also offer Pre-Designed invitations as a 2 in 1 . Invitation and RSVP postcard. No envelopes needed.


Watch our YouTube videos and create beautiful stationery all on  your own while saving on cost. Print as many as you need ! 

View our D.I.Y Guide as a helpful tool 

Custom / Bespoke

Work one on one with us to create a brand new unique wedding invitation that's completely catered to your vision.

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Art Prints by Commission

Have us elements of your wedding as heirloom keepsakes. We illustrate the wedding gown, your first home together, your Vows  in brushed hand lettering to frame, in your bedroom or living space .Prices vary per artwork complexity.


Two in One - ( No envelope invitations ! )    /   YouTube Videos  /   Art Prints  /   A Digital Catalog ( in works)  / Cards / Baby Shower Invitations

ETSY SHOP : For Printable Day-Of  Event Paper , Envelope Liner templates and  Invitation Samples