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Behind the scenes of this studio you'll find me, Nellie, hence the Studio name. I am an artist amongst many other things, but most importantly, I am a mom to two beautiful little girls, and wife to my best friend. I work from my bright home office in a charming little blue home in Northern New Jersey, where I create and raise my family.

I grew up in New York City where I earned my Bachelors of Fine Arts from the Fashion Institute of Technology ( F.I.T ) . I have over 15 years of design experience in the fashion industry, where i designed collections,  worked as a trend forecaster, illustrated by hand or using  graphically by using Adobe Software. 

I find most inspiration in nature,  and many methods of art which include fashion and vintage illustrations and paintings,films. Many close to me say i have a whimsical, playful spirit  show an exploration of my imagination through my art. 

My favorite color is a blushy peachy pink and also the color mint. Perhaps  it's because it reminds me of the clear caribbean beach water that I was accustomed to as a child. 

When i'm creating I love listening to music, usually mellow and relaxing jazzy music from the likes of ..Miles Davis, Louie Armstrong to newer singer songwriter types  like John Mayer, Melody Gardot, Norah jones, and every once in a while I play Indie Rock, hip hop and Rock.Musi is a must while i'm working! 

Thanks for visiting !