A clear guide explaining the differences in our printing techniques as well as other techniques  that we hope to offer in the future. The more you know the better you decided!

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A technique that began around  1500 AD .When the designs or text in a card are pressed into the paper, leaving an impression. The cardstock used is usually on the thicker weight. Ideal for luxury, high-end weddings.

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A specialty process that uses heat and pressure along with a copper metal dies and foiled sheets in order to press the metallic sheet onto the card in the desired design seen on the metal plate. 

DIGITAL | Flat -Printing

Taking a digitally based image which gets transferred onto paper . Closest thing to printing from any regular printer. You get  a smooth image with no surface texture. This process is ideal for more casual weddings


          OTHER PRINTING TECHNIQUES            (currently not available here)  


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The reversed look of Letterpress. On the front face of the card you'll notice that the text and designs are raised instead of pressed down. The reversed side of the cardstock would show that the text or artwork as indentations.

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When ink, powder and heat and mixed with heat to created a raised three dimensional look . It looks engraved, but is more budget-friendly. No Plate is required for Thermography

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A non -Ink technique where the letters and images appear raised, but colorless. It's perfect for monograms and bordering. Adding colored ink is an option in some cases